Listen, Connect, Invest

by admin on March 1, 2013

The Vision: Empowering people to live in alignment with their values in the areas of education, family, and community.

The Mission:

Listen | Taking my clients through a process of facilitated exercises and discussions, I help them to identify their core values as well as old values that may be presenting as challenges. True listening is a lost art and yet the foundation for attempting any endeavor.

Connect | Giving people the tools to create a transformative environment for addressing their personal lives or community issues begins to connect them to their values in a way that is meaningful.

Invest | Collaborating with clients to form expandable solutions that provide qualitative and measurable outcomes empowers individuals to invest in system level changes for their lives and communities. Investing in my clients means expecting great things from them.


Values | A life or community without defined values is like walking through a corn maze. A life without honoring and incorporating those values into your life or community is like being in a coma.

Change | Everything changes. You are empowered to be in charge of changes more than they are in charge of you or your community. Being the change agent allows you to anticipate and react more efficiently and gracefully when outside changes do occur.

Motivation | Motivation is a prerequisite for transforming any personal or community issue. I come to the table motivated and keep you motivated by measuring progress made and celebrating every step of the way.

Service | I strive to achieve a positive impact on your life or community and all that I do encompasses the concept of a service-mindset, which translates into demanding a lot of myself when working with you.

Leadership | I lead with my clients by seeing the bigger picture. I welcome the responsibility and accountability that go along with moving your vision into reality. I thrive on empowering you to find the level at which you are comfortable being a leader in your own life or community.